Code of conduct

The DSN Trade Supplier Code of Conduct

Our DSN Trade supplier code of conduct outlines the requirements that we place on suppliers of products and services. Suppliers are responsible for communicating the content of the DSN Trade code of conduct to their workers and sub-suppliers. DSN Trade has drawn up a Code of Conduct, embodying the company’s core values. Suppliers and sub-suppliers are expected to accept and observe this Code. In circumstances not covered by the Code, the principles underlying the Code shall apply.

Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
The DSN Trade supplier shall always conduct it’s business in accordance with all applicable (international) treaties, laws, operational regulations and restrictions. The supplier interprets and applies them in accordance with what may reasonably be expected. Where provisions are absent or unenforced, DSN Trade expects the supplier to act in the spirit of this Code. The supplier actively pursues a policy of preventing violations of applicable rules and regulations. In case of any perceived or actual conflict the supplier is expected to notify DSN Trade.

Conducting business ethically
Business will be conducted with integrity. DSN Trade and the supplier act in good faith, responsibly, competently carefully, and with respect for the environment and society. There will be no payments, services, gifts or other advantages offered or given to any DSN Trade employee or third party which are intended to influence the way in which the DSN Trade employee or third party goes about his or her duties. Similarly DSN Trade will not offer or give such payments, services, gifts or other advantages to any supplier which are intended to influence the way in which the supplier goes about his or her duties. There will be no actual or attempted money laundering.

Respect for human rights
The DSN Trade supplier supports and complies with the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. No employee shall suffer harassment, physical or mental punishment or other forms of abuse. The supplier upholds the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in respecting the rights of its employees, the communities in which the supplier operates and those with whom the supplier does business. The supplier seeks to work only with other suppliers that uphold the same.

Antitrust Policy
The DSN Trade supplier is fully committed to compliance with the antitrust and competition laws, which is designed to promote free and open competition in the marketplace. The antitrust law regulates i.a. routine business decisions involving prices and price-fixing, terms and conditions of sale and dealings with competitors. 

Conflicts of Interest
Employees must avoid situations in which their personal interests could conflict, or even appear to conflict, with the interests of the supplier. Conflicts of interest arise when an individual's position or responsibilities with the supplier present an opportunity for personal gain of profit separate and apart from that individual's earnings from the Company or where the employee's interests are otherwise inconsistent with the interests of the Company. Among others outside employment or personal financial interests have a great potential for conflicts of interest. If the employee knows, or reasonably should know, that a personal interest may be in conflict with the interests of the Company, the employee must consult the Company in advance.

Requirements relating to working and environmental conditions
This code of conduct is based on internationally acknowledged UN and ILO conventions and sets out a minimum standard. The employment legislation applicable to the place of production shall be respected. Where national laws and regulations cover a topic that is also dealt with in this code of conduct, the higher standard shall apply.
1. Freely Chosen Employment (ILO Conventions Nos. 29 and 105)
2. Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining (ILO Conventions Nos. 87, 98, 135 and 154)
3. No Child Labour (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, ILO Conventions Nos. 138, 182 and 79, and ILO Recommendation No. 146)
4. No Discrimination (ILO Conventions Nos. 100 and 111 and the UN Convention on Discrimination Against Women)
5. No Harsh or Inhumane Treatment 6. Safe and Hygienic Working Conditions (ILO Convention No. 155 and ILO Recommendation No. 164
7. Wages (ILO Convention No. 131)
8. No Excessive Working Hours (ILO Convention No. 1 and 14)
9. Providing Regular Employment DSN Trade refers the supplier to further reading on .

Conditions outside the workplace
1. Consideration for Marginalized Populations
1.1. Production and extraction of raw materials for production shall not contribute to the destruction of the resources and income base for marginalized populations, such as in claiming large land areas or other natural resources on which these populations are dependent.
2. Protection of the Environment
2.1 Environmental measures shall be taken into consideration throughout the production and distribution chain ranging from the production of raw material to the consumer sale. Local, regional and global environmental aspects shall be considered.
2.2 National and international environmental legislation and regulations shall be respected.


DSN Trade is committed to comply with the principles presented in this policy document. All suppliers are required to follow this Code of Conduct. DSN Trade may choose to perform compliance assessment by:
- requesting suppliers to sign this “Code of Conduct” compliance statement
- establishing with suppliers, where necessary, a further dialogue to ensure common understanding of Code of Conduct requirements and to evaluate compliance status
- audits, by either own or third party resources at locations where private label products for DSN Trade are produced.


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